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Hiking - exploration. Paths, forest roads and paths for hiking and exploration rough areas with dense forests and small villages. A unique activity that leads to new adventures in unknown places while gives health. You will enjoy breathtakingly beautiful images that each participant can immortalize in his camera! Frequent stops for rest and photos and at the end all the photos and videos recording from our guide and given to you on DVD. The activity will take place all year .For time to take one of the hiking only needs to have mental and physical health. For the most difficult hikes require good physical condition.

If you want more details about our programs do not hesitate to to call us or contact us and we will give you more detailed information and directions.


  • Backpack to have all your things inside.

  • Hiking shoes light and flexible

  • Clothes cotton, light trousers, a jacket

  • Water; food not perishable (chocolate cereal bars nuts)

  • Hat and sunglasses anyway

  • Sunscreen Face - Skin of hands and neck

  • personal hygiene items (Tissues)

  • Bag for waste

  • Spare underwear and socks

Routes - Paths

From To Tag Time Length Alt. Difference Difficulty
Megalo Papingo Shelter Ο3 3hours   -    -  PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Drakolimni Ο3 4.5 hours 8km 1050-2100m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Gamila Ο3 6 hours 10km 1050-2497m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Vrysohori Ο3 16 hours 12km 1050-2300-990m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Astraka Ο3 5 hours 5km 1050-2436m PATHS FOR TREKKING
Vradeto Beloi Ζ2 50' 2km 1100-1340m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Drakolimni Ζ3, Ζ1, Ο3 7 hours 16km 1340-2100m PATHS FOR TREKKING
Kapesovo Skala   -  2hours 3km 1100-1340m PATHS FOR TREKKING
Tsepelovo Drakolimni Ζ1, Ο3 6.5 hours 14km 1080-2100m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Gamila moderate 7 hours   -  1150-2497m PATHS FOR TREKKING
Vrysohori Gamila Ο3 12hours   -  1050-2497m June-October
-//- Aoos Bridge   -  1.5 hours 5km 1000-400m PATHS FOR TREKKING
Monodendri Oxia Ζ8 2hours 3km   -    - 
-//- Vikos 03 7hours 10km 1060-450-740m PATHS FOR TREKKING
-//- Papigo 03 7.5hours 12.5km 1060-550-1000m   - 


Vradeto- Drakolimni Tymfi

This is a very difficult hiking trail, which is not recommended for beginners. The trail starts from Vradeto to Drakolimni Tymfi. The length of the route is about 16.5 km and estimated duration of approximately 8 hours. The label of this path is Z3, Z1, and those known to hikers red marks, but is not good. Vradeto situated at an altitude of 1340 m., While Drakolimni is perched at 2150m. This means that the path is uphill, because of which the level of difficulty is high. Good if you try to follow the route that have supplied water, and rarely come across sources. Ideal time for this hike is from April to October, there are no snows and weather conditions are better. The route can have a large level of difficulty, but will compensate you for their natural beauties will meet. If you are careful you may see eagles and Golden Eagles fly while Drakolimni will have the opportunity to see the Alpine newts.

Vradeto- Beloi

This hiking trail is fairly easy and can do it all, and not a required experience and expertise to the follow anyone. It takes about 1 hour and the length of the route is 2.1 km. The trail is called Z2 and marking is satisfactory. The height difference is very small as the route starts from Vradeto located at 1340m and ends at Beloi located at 1450m. The hike can be done from the beginning of April until November. Particularly important is to have supplied water as it does not meet any source. From Beloi you will have the chance to admire the spectacular views of the Vikos Gorge, and the point that has the greatest depth.

Dikorfo- Kipi

This is an easy hike perfect for beginners and with several well marked. The path is the O3 and starts from Dikorfo to reach the village of Kipi. If you choose this route to know that you will cover 12.5 km and will take about five hours. You can do it all year, but it would be good to avoid the months with many snowfalls. No need to take water with you during the route will meet the drinking water in several places, and you will be charmed by the natural beauty and the stone bridges.

Kipi Koukouli

The route starts from the village Kipi at 830 m and ends at the village of Koukouli located at 950m. It is an easy hike lasting one hour and 30 minutes and 4 km long. Follow the signs Z31 but t know that it's not particularly attentive. Because of the ease of travel, you can track all the time but it would be good to have your water. They will be enchanted forests of cedars and oaks through which we pass, and you are going to pass by the bridge of Lazaridis or Kontodimos and the stairs of Koukouli.

Tsepelovo- Gamila

It is quite difficult as hiking route starts at 1180m and ends at 2500m located Gamila. It takes about 8 hours the trail marking is moderate. Know that you rarely find in your path drinking water, while ideal months for hiking are from May to October. The trail passes through meadows and beside canyon offering unique view.

Dilofo- Vitsa

The distance is to travel on the particular route is 4 km and will take about two hours. The altitude difference of starting with the end of the path is just 80 meters and are easy route ideal for beginners. Z15 follow the path that has a moderate markup. We would suggest you to procure water, and rarely encountered sources. You will pass over traditional stone bridges, and the church of St. John from which you can enjoy spectacular views of Vikos Gorge.

Negades- Tsepelovo

The route starts from the village of Negades and covers 8 km leads to the village Tsepelovo. The duration is approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes and the altitude difference relatively small. This is the path Z13 but marking is not at all satisfactory. You can follow the route all year round and the level of difficulty is moderate. Be aware that drinking water is rarely found at that route. The most beautiful places of trekking is when it passes from the stone bridges near Tsepelovo and the bridge to the narrowing of the gorge.

Elafotopos- Ano Pedina

The route is quite easy and takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, covering about 4 km. Starts from Elafotopo village in 1100 to reach its 960 located in the village of Ano Pedina. The trail is Z5 but marking is almost non-existent. You can make walking almost the whole time, but it would have supplied water.

Kleidonia- Kastraki- Agios Minas

The length of the route is 4 km and takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. The elevation gradient is relatively small, low level of difficulty. Follow the signs Z16 but which is very lacking. There is no limit on the hiking time it makes possible all year round, but on the way there are sources of drinking water, however, know that the water of Voidomatis is drinking. Much of the route is through woods with oaks, while passing by the bridge of Voidomatis and the Byzantine church of Evagelistrias. In the middle of the path you will find the Kastraki hill where there are remains of the old fortifications and settlements.

Asprangeloi- Monastery of Aspraggelon

The route starts from the village of Aspraggelon- located in 970 m altitude and takes 1 hours covering 4 km. The path is the Z17 and the average mark. Easy trail enough to have purchased water. The route ends at the Monastery Aspraggelon- from which you can enjoy lovely views of Ioannina and the area of Zitsa.

Elati- Agios Minas

This is an easy way and can be performed at any time of year. Its length is 2 km and takes about 1 hour. The altitudinal gradient is -200m and the path you follow is the Z24. The trail passes through forests of oaks and beautiful stone bridge of Mylos.

Monodendri- Vikos

The route covers 10 km in about 6-7 hours and is downhill course by the river the most time. The path is the O3 and marking very good. But this is a route with a high degree of difficulty and it would not follow it if you do not have experience and knowledge hiking. Particular attention needs to select the period hiking will take place, as the crossing of the gorge is dangerous in periods of rainfall. So I proposed the months of Spring and Summer. Along the trail there is a single source of drinking water. The route is of great interest as the crossing of the canyon is considered the most beautiful and difficult hikes Greece.

Monodentri- Papigo

The route length is 12 km and the journey takes about 8 hours. The path followed is the O3 and signage is quite good. However, the degree of difficulty is quite high and should be avoided rainfall periods as the crossing of the gorge and the river is very dangerous. The recommended months are from May to September. During hiking found two sources of drinking water. The walk is through woods with oaks, while crossing the Vikos Gorge is a truly unique experience.

Kapesovo- Vradeto

It is a route with a low degree of difficulty covering three km and takes about 2.5 hours. The altitude difference is + 250 but the signage is lacking. It would anyone follow this path is supplied with drinking water. A particular point of the route is the staircase Vradetou unique one constructed with unique technique and the stone bridges over which it passes.

Tsepelovo- Drakolimni Tymfi

The route starts from Tsepelovo located at 1100m and ends Drakolimni at 2100m. The length of the route is 15 km and takes about 8 hours to go to someone. The marking of the trail is the O3 and Z1, and the familiar red marks on trees and rocks. This is a very difficult path that is not recommended for beginners and will be followed from May to October. They encountered sources of drinking water, so should ramblers be organized. The route is particularly beautiful as performed in meadows with virgin nature and next to imposing gorges. Drakolimni we can see the inhabitants of the lake alpine newts and swim with them.

Vitsa- Bridge of Kokkori

This is a very easy route covered along three kilometers and takes about two hours. The label is followed until Z9 Scala of Vitsa. From there follow the path O3. The altitude difference of the track edges is + 100. You can make the route throughout the year, but know that you will not find sources of water. Feature point of the route is the ladder of Vitsa and the stone bridge Kokkori it arrived.

Papigko- Mountaineering Katafygio- Drakolimni Tymfi

This hiking route has a high degree of difficulty and not recommended for beginners . it is perhaps the most famous climbing route in the region .The length of the route is 9 km and takes about 5-6 hours for Drakolimni. The trail starts at 1050m located Papigo and ends at 2100m. Follow the marking O3 and red marks on the rocks. It is proposed to make the trip from May to October when the weather is good. They found several sources of drinking water, and the path leads to alpine meadows and plateaus. In the middle of the distance the refuge is where hikers can rest and enjoy food and coffee with really unique views. The shelter is open daily from May to October. Drakolimni the few adventurous can try a dive, but knowing that the water temperature is low even during the summer months.

Papigko- Astraka

The route starts at Papigo is at 1050m and ends after 5 km and 5-6 hours on top of Astraka, at 2436m. Follow the marking O3, stones piled on top of one another and red marks. The degree of difficulty is quite high and recommended time for trekking is from May to October. It is essential that you have obtained with water as seldom encounter sources. They will impress the beautiful alpine landscapes and unspoiled nature.

Laista- Vovousa

The route covers a distance of 12 km and takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. The label is the Z19, but it is incomplete. The degree of difficulty of the trail is high and proposed period for making trekking is from May to October. The route is through dense forests of beech and black pine.

Frangades- Dipotamo

This is a medium difficulty path length and 6 kilometers covered in three hours. The marking followed is the Z23. You can make hiking throughout the year, but be sure to have purchased water.

Papigko- Gamila

The route has a length of 10 km and takes about seven hours to cover. It starts 1050metron altitude located Papigo and ends at 2490m of Gamila. Follow the path O3, rocks stacked one above the other and red marks on the rocks. The marking is quite good but the degree of difficulty difficult. It is suggested that the path is from June to October. Sources encountered only in the first half of the path. The trail passes through the mountain refuge of EOOA where hikers can stay overnight or simply rest. Open from May to October.

Papigko- Vikos

This is a hike of moderate difficulty that requires two hours. Starting point is the small Papingo found in 1050 and the end of the route is the Vikos village at 770m. The marking of the trail is the O3 until the Vikos Gorge and then after you cross the gorge, follow the steep path to the right. The route can be done from May to October, is meant to avoid a period of heavy rain. You would have supplied water because you will not find sources.