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ARCHERY ioannina Zagory
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If you want to feel like Artemis or Roben WOOD try your highly recommend. The archery with Olympic arc at our place or in a place that you will indicate. The most ancient sport in the world. Odysseus used it to destroy the suitors us to have fun. Test your skills in one of the most famous sport in the world with the help of our qualified teachers who first ensure your safety. Bow and arrows are within our facilities. Lesson on Rules and archery competition from various distances.
Archery is more cerebral, without requiring any physical skill of the participants. During the activity practiced meditation, attention, focus on the target, determination and decision.

The archery activity is aimed at all ages, while the experience is not considered necessary.

Participants almost immediately after a few minutes of training are able to succeed even the center of the target

The viewing process in archery is "innate" ability for both men, women and children. It is an Olympic sport and deserves to feel. Archery in the forest and in our own field.

If you want more details about our programs do not hesitate to to call us or contact us and we will give you more detailed information and directions.