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Alternative activities Epirus Ioannina
that can be asked

We mention some frequently asked questions to help you solve many of your questions.

 each activity has its own difficulty level and each river has its own rating

The answer is YES, each activity has its own difficulty level and each river has its own rating

All activities of Rafting Athletic Center are available throughout the year. The only can not be performed some activity is the existence of inappropriate weather.
We are open all days of the year and holidays, with the minimum number of participants present in every program.

The minimum number of participants for the realization of an activity is :
Rafting :2 participation
Hot dog :2 participation
Kayak-Monoraft :1 participation
Trekking :4 participation
Mountain Bike :4 participation
Quad :1 participation
Paintball :8 participation
Mushroom Hunting :6 participation
Paragliding :1 participation

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Who coordinates the trips
To function normally all along in a trip needs the coordination of the group and therefore only the responsible driver must give instructions to avoid confusion. The guide explains what is necessary to be done before the start of the trip and ensures that everything goes as planed.
ΑThis is commensurate with the degree of difficulty of the river. In rivers with difficulty 2 as the Voidomatis, almost all of 4 years old and over are considered competent. Rafting requires no special physical condition. In rivers with difficulty level 4 and above requires appropriate expertise and fitter.
Rafting in Greece Epirus Ioannina Zagori
Of course children can do rafting, as long as there is the consent of their parents and on condition that it engages in routes that the level of difficulty is not very high.
Because it may get wet it is advisable to avoid rafting common cold or if you are unwell.
The driver is responsible to indicate to passengers in the correct position by distributing the weight .specially should beware:
To sit in a way that does not prevent us paddled.
Do not make sudden movements and position changes without inform our driver.
Do not take with you your camera, cell phone or any other gadget (unless they are completely waterproof and can moor somewhere above you). You may not get wet, but it is likely to get a lot of water in the boat. Believe me, you do not want to risk it.
Will get tired in activity Be aware that however you get tired just have fun and get crazy with rafting, every minute is so intense and ecstatic to be unforgettable.
The facilities of our firm offer: heating, air conditioning, separate changing rooms with lockers and showers, (while in the same place does not "change" both men and women). I would recommend you to have a towel with you to make a bath if you wish and dress however if you do not bring towel do not worry we are giving you also and shampoo. Another underwear or swimsuit is you have to have with you.
Your only obligation is to get to that point where each activity that starts in Taxiarches hotel at the village of Aristi. All movements in the beginning of each activity and the finish are made with our own buses.
Of course you can. In these activities nobody feels alone and eventually we all become companionship.
There are smaller boats and larger, from 2 to 8 people. But always the number of people in each boat depends on river conditions and how the groups are .
In our base, in Taxiarches hotel at the village of Aristi.
Participation in monoraft trip require age over 12 years, at least moderate physical condition, little experience in rafting and of course swimming ability.
Following the introduction of rafting as the rivers downhill means the need for more pleasure and adrenaline created monoraft and hot dog. It is relatively easy and playful vessels without the need for driving their special training and experience as a kayak. • The high stability and excellent flexibility feature offers their crews • excitement and a more direct contact with the liquid element.
The professional river guide comes with 5-6-seater two-seater boats in the default path to the river.
The advantages are many. They are security providing vehicles. They do not require knowledge of balance and have automatic transmission, characteristics that make it easy to drive. There are also specially designed 4x4 courses much more fun! The landscapes that we see are unique and in no case can not go with your automotive or if it is 4x4.
Of course they can. It would be better if they are 5-6 years old and older . Each of our routes anyway always selected according to the team's potential.
Depending on the hike early in the morning,the hours vary but never give our appointment after 11am.
Depending on the season, for spring-summer should wear lightweight tee better long-sleeve, lightweight pants or shorts hiking shoe lightweight hiking or athletic type with non-slip sole, and to bring along a lightweight fleece type jacket, hat and certainly sunscreen.
If strictly observe the instructions of attendants - drivers there is no risk. Take care and choose the safest routes, we also use the most complete equipment, physical fitness;
Of course you can. In fact very large parts of almost half are women players.
For minors, it is obligatory consent of the parent or guardian which ensured either by the presence of the person during the game.
No. The shots are not permitted at a distance of less than 5 meters and a measure as all safety measures are strictly observed. Besides whole body variant form linings, protective armor mask offer great protection.
Games can be done regardless of weather conditions, except in cases of extreme weather phenomena’s.
From the smallest group of 8 people to how many people want.... 16 people maximum. On the other hand a large number of people better serves under several scenarios and allows you to use up more missions. Ideal numbers of people are 14 to 16 people.
No, not in general, to play paintball but not necessary and no special fitness.
No we are going to change in the locker room at our base in Taxiarches hotel and after a mini bus will take us to the battle field. Of course the same mini bus will bring us back to the hotel.
No; our park is in a dense forest area owned entirely landscaped with special structures made exclusively to serving the paintball scenarios. With respect to space, we have formed the fields with natural materials and special constructions.
No, since all provided from us. Because the personal clothing associated with comfort and above all hygiene, the participation of each player is done with his personal clothing. However, the uniformity of the groups and the need of the scenarios given in all camouflage uniform with aid groups badges worn over the clothes of each player, protective armor, protective neck mask
The color is inside the paintballs takes off easily with a simple washing.