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escape freely


Try rides with mountain bikes through forests, muddy paths and villages. Lanes may be varied according to difficulty level and during well. Everyone can participate if is able to ride a bike . It requires no special skills or experience. You can mountain bike all year long as the weather is good.

We start at Taxiarches hotel for a tour with mountain bike in Zagori paths. The adrenaline will soar and unique beautiful routes will fascinate you.

The routes are designed not for athletes cyclists but for those who seek a special contact with the natural environment. Available attendant and escort and support vehicle.

It takes from 3-8 hours.

Your transfer from end to start is with our own means.

If you want more details about our programs do not hesitate to to call us or contact us and we will give you more detailed information and directions.

What you will need

  • Backpack to have all your things inside.

  • light and flexible hiking shoes

  • light trousers, Clothes cotton, , a jacket

  • Water; food not perishable (chocolate cereal bars nuts)

  • Hat and sunglasses necessary

  • Sunscreen lotion for Face - Skin of hands and neck

  • personal hygiene items (Tissues)

  • Bag for waste

  • Spare underwear and socks

Route Name Type Duration Distance Difficulty
Vovousa - Tsuka Rossa gravel road 4-6 hours 45 klm 6/10
Central Zagori asphalt 3-4 hours 47klm 4/10
Tzoumerka - Arta gravel road- asphalt 5-7 hours 28klm 10/10
Vovousa - Morfa / Zagoria gravel road- asphalt 3 hours 30klm 6/10
Round Smolikas clay gravel road - Trail - 63klm 9/10
Tour of Mitsikeli asphalt 5 hours 92klm 7/10
Round Gamila / Zagoria - Konitsa asphalt 7 hours 133klm 9/10
Round Smolikas gravel road / Trail - 126klm 9/10
Mesovouni Kastraki gravel road 2 hours 12klm 3/10
Elafotopos Vikos gravel road/ asphalt 3 hours 20klm 3/10


  • Start with short trips. Many times when we move by car we underestimate the distance. Choose to start with small rides around the hotel for you can better judge the distance.

  • Remember again. They may have been many years since that summer ... roams the countryside on bikes. Obviously, if you learn how to ride a bike never forget it, but at this point of re-start, it’s good to have a little time to adapt.

  • Either in Athens or in Zagorochoria riding a bike needs increased attention. Do not miss a chance to acknowledge your presence. Bell, light and naturally fluorescent clothing with reflective strips are necessary.

  • Follow the Highway Code. The fact that you move by bike does not make you automatically separate. This is also a mean of transport . Follow the traffic laws without exception whether you are in town either in the village. We don’t want any accidents. After all we only decided to have a ride...

  • We give priority. Prioritize and move always having in mind the alternative escape route from potential event.

  • See the path otherwise; use the bike to see places you can not see by car..

  • Deal with the protection Learn details about the protective equipment, obtain the necessary staff and get informed about their proper use.

  • Attention, at any time you are ready to run a risk.

  • Right lane, OK you're not a slow speed. But think that you move by bike and the otherσ by car. Keep right.

  • The brakes are to press it, keep constant controlled speed even on downhill’s.