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Canyoning is a mountain activity and belongs to the category of outdoor sports - nature exploration, which are practiced in a specific environment. It consists of descents at the lowest point of water drainage, which includes a wide range of geophysical features such as streams, rapids, rivers, gorges (more or less narrow and deep), with or without water, moving quickly or not, with waterfalls, natural swimming pools - slides (something like natural waterland!), up to its vertical sections.

Canyoning is an nature activity suitable for everyone and for almost all ages, it is a sport – nature exploration that combines many of the well-known mountain sports, offers entertainment and acquaintance with our natural environment. It eliminates the stress and anxiety of everyday life, offers us contact with nature away from life of city and gives us images of landscapes that otherwise we would not be able to see up close.

Canyoning is based on the descent-crossing of the gorge passing through various natural (rock) obstacles. Movements that can be included in the activity are walking, swimming, jumping, crawling, climbing, rope descent and other rope techniques.

Canyoning requires special equipment and techniques that adapt to the natural environment. In a group of beginners there is always an experienced and certified canyon guide as well as at least one certified assistant. All you have to do is respect the rules and the natural environment.

If you want more details about our programs do not hesitate to call us or contact us and we will give you more detailed information and directions.

The equipment we use for the descent of a gorge

  • 1 Neoprene long john full body suit

  • 1 windproof

  • 1 pair of Neoprene socks

  • 1 pair of non-slip Neoprene boots or your own sports shoes that will get wet

  • 1 Canyoning belt boulder

  • 2 Dynamic ropes (self-locks) with two safety carabiners

  • 1 Helmet certified for mountain activities

  • 1 downhill with 1 safety carabiner

You do not need to have any previous experience to do canyoning, you do not need to have special sports skills. As long as you have a basic physical condition, you are not afraid of heights and you can carry your backpack. Regarding the level of physical condition, you should have moderate stamina, know how to swim, be able to jump in the water from a height of 1-2 meters.

The meeting point is our base located at Taxiarches Hotel in Aristi village, west Zagori. At our base, you will receive all the necessary equipment, you will be dressed in our locker rooms and you will be transported with the minivan of our Company to the starting point of the activity. There, the necessary safety briefing will be done by our drivers before the start.


  • Organized base (locker rooms with heating and air conditioning, WC, shower, hairdryer, lockers, safe boxes, WiFi, closets)

  • All the necessary equipment for the implementation of the activity: neoprene long john uniforms (all sizes children up to xxxl), shoes and socks neoprene(all sizes 23-50), helmets, waterproof windbreakers and neoprene gloves (when needed).Everything is washed, disinfected, sterilized and dry!

  • Experienced certified Canyoning guides from the ICAN International Federation (International Center of Adventure & Nature)

  • The necessary movement for the implementation of the activity with the mini vans of our company from our base to the starting point of the activity and from the end to our base

  • Free photos and videos with GoPro - Tom Tom cameras for extreme sports on DVD at our base at the end of the activity are waiting for you at the reception

  • Liability insurance (optional)


Name Description Rappel Duration Entrance walk Exit walk Physical condition Degree of difficulty
Nefeli1 Has a constant flow of water almost all year round and its springs start below the Astraka and Tsouka peaks. Also, along the entire length of the gorge, the tower of Astraka drains much of its water, creating an intense flora that adorns a tropical part of the gorge. Impressive rappels with small jumps and natural water slides. 4 4 hours 20 minutes 30 minutes Moderate Easy
Nefeli2 Haw a constant water all year round, we have contiguous waterfalls with bigger rappels and natural water slides. 8 6 hours 20 minutes 50 minutes Moderate Easy
Rogovo1 - Papigo’s Swimming Pools Combines climbing and rock climbing perfect for children from 5 years (acquaintance with canyoning) 4 3 hours 5 minutes 15 minutes Moderate Easy
Rogovo1 - Papigo’s Swimming Pools Combines climbing and rock climbing perfect for children from 5 years (acquaintance with canyoning). 5 4,5 hours 20 minutes 15 minutes Moderate Easy
Deos Gorgeat Palaiohori(village) near Metsovo All rappels are continuous and high, with the highest being 25 meters. The last rappel is dark, almost like going down a cave. 9 6 hours 20 minutes 45 minutes Moderate - Good Moderate - Difficult
Klidonia’s Gorge At the homonymous village, isoneof the best gorges with lots of rappel for winter that haswater. 16 7 hours 25 minutes 15 minutes Moderate - Good Moderate - Difficult
Papadima Gorge /td> In the village of Harokopi half an hour from Ioannina with continuous rappel at 20 meters the highest. 6 4,5 hours 5 minutes 10 minutes Moderate - Good Moderate - Difficult

* On all routes the meeting point is at hotel Taxiarches in Aristi village or Ioannina city.

** On all routes it is Necessary Swimming knowledge.

*** Duration can be changed depending on the group’s capabilities.